the vicious five

sábado 26 - 23 horas

espectáculo integrado nas noites do fike 2005

the vicious five

This quintet was born out of an invisible Lisbon, made of suburban trips, of boredom as fuel and motive of copyright crimes and of the praise of celebration over spectacle. Their punkrock foundations are set in combos such has X-acto, Sannyasin, Renewal, Croustibat or As Good As Dead.
Somewhere in 2003, Paulo S., Rui M., Joaquim A., Edgar L. e Bruno C. band up with a good name and a few ideas. Later that year they self release their debut EP "THE ELECTRIC CHANTS OF THE DISENCHANTED". Since then they have been playing around Portugal and Spain, and are now promoting their most recent release, their debut album: "UP ON THE WALLS". The album was released in Portugal by the local label, LOOP RECORDINGS, in late summer 2005.

The campaign for the youth uprising is on the road. Come all, come together for the PARTY and the Revolution.

CELEBRATE IS REVOLUTION! If the future is ours, we want it NOW!

+ dj set com nuno calado e miguel pedro